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Moss & Marriage

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PO Box 9016, Toledo, OH 43697  |  Tel: 419-260-1310

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The place where men come to laugh, grow, and become the best version of themselves. 
The place where the fun couples come to grow, reconnect, and have a good time. 
The place where women are loved, supported, and encouraged to become their best possible self.
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Meet the The Moss'

Drs. Deonte' & Krontayia Moss are believers who are growing, serving, and enjoying their 12 year marriage journey. This dynamic duo resides in Toledo, OH, and they are eager to see happy and healthy marriages become the norm. These marriage influencers and travel enthusiast host workshops that equip and inspire couples all over the world to do the work to make their marriage work. Much of their work emphasizes the value of faith and fun along your marriage journey.



Author & Nosy Neighbor

A Toledo naive, Dr. Moss is a youth advocate, community leader, and marriage influencer, best known for his dynamic motivational speeches. Deonte' believes in using his life experiences to encourage, motivate, and inspire others to overcome obstacles through his books PushED, and FOCUSed. His books and programs have been featured by several journalists and news stations in his 20 years of service.

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The King's Daughter & Hope Dealer

Born in Racine, Wisconsin and raised in Toledo, Ohio, Dr. K. Payne-Moss is a teacher, educational advocate, community engagement strategist, and daughter of the King. She believes in the power of prayer, faith, and listening to God's voice for direction. She is known for book, From Fatherless Child to the King's Daughter: God Did It!

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We believe marriage is a ministry and a gift from God. However, we understand marriage can be challenging, and we recognize every couple isn't enjoying marital bliss. Everyone is on this beautiful and turbulent journey of self-discovery, and growth.  With this understanding, we encourage couples to give each other the grace to grow. We are all learning, growing, and experiencing this world in different ways.​


We’ve created safe spaces for couples to have real marriage conversations, and our motto is, “Don’t do marriage alone.”  We know the value of a strong community, a place to share your truth, and a place to get your questions answered without fear.


We’re not marriage experts, but we are two people committed to growing our faith and having fun while doing the work to make our marriage work.  We share tips, tools, and strategies we learn with our community, and we invite others to join us on this journey.


​We believe strong marriages produce strong families, and strong families produce stronger communities. Ultimately, your marriage is worth the fight.  Let’s do the work, to make marriage work. We want to see you enjoy a love that lasts a lifetime.


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